Penang Run (1 June 2014) – back from hiatus

Sorry as i prewrote this in English…

actually it was my 10th running event

After finishing my mmed surgery (master in surgery). I back to work in HSB. I intended not to join running event as I was busy with hospital work… But I still keep up with my weekday run usually on sundays, teusday or wednesday. Usually 3-6km depending my tiredness and how early i can comeback from work. My long workout usually on friday or saturday morning.

For this run. I didn’t expect too much, as i wanna stay injury free…

This was the running event i least took picture. After finishing run i drove back to work. Lucky my friend covering morning rounds and scopes. My nike apps suddenly ended my running workout. So i have to restarted back again. Lucky i use endomondo as a 2nd apps backup. As it has interval programme.

I just ran using runwalk method, (2m10s run 20secs walk x 15)
(2m run 15secs walk x15)
(1m45s run 15secs x 15)
It went well initially but at last 3km i hit the wall so badly

20140611-013846 am-5926978.jpg
my first sub 7min/km HM

Ended up i just ran 1min and 30s walk.
The environment was great, less inclination except last 2km. Good water station which was 6 of them. I ended up galloping 4 energy gels that i slurped it every 4km.

At the first 3.5km I stopped by for my morning prayer at petrol station’s praying room. Then resumes running (so the actual timing might differ from my endo stop,pray and run timing)

Thank God this is my first sub 7min/km HM. InsyaAllah more to come. Peace…

20140611-013847 am-5927256.jpg
Thank Goodness i was an average joe person. errr, moustache man? Owh come on!!!