My Worldcup Timeline

1978 – i was born, argentina won…

1982 – i was 4, italy won, couldnt remember a thing, probably the less viewed wc and less told wc…

1986 – maradona fever, i was in std 2. Deny ‘Hand of God’ but later >20years admitted it…

1990 – i was in standard 6, i made a scrap book with wc news strip for that. I remember bodo illgner saved penalty to reach final in Rome. Gareth Southgate the villain to remember…

1994 – brazil won, we were in mrsm beseri’s dining hall watching roberto baggio missed the penalty. From that day onwards, no more tv time for us (as the form5 students vandalised the dining hall, crap…)

1998 – i was studying a-level, came back to msia on summer watching zidane holding the cup in kl. Watching Nigerian beat Spain, and Germany lost to Croatia… Ronaldo had stage freight during final.

2002 – my 4th year med students, watching brazil won on tv at dublin. Proud irish spirit with the absence of roy keane.

2006 – as a surg mo, watching zizou headbut ting in tv in kangar. Last appearance of him for France in horrible way.

2010 – 3rd year mmed student watching wc in kelantan, really different scenario…

2014 – 14th july, on call the day before, watching Gotze scores the late goal during sahoor… Before that watching German trashed Neymarless Brazil… Messi so called not worth to take the Golden Ball awrard (by Maradona)

2018 – ????

What’s your timeline experience upon #worldcup?

20140716-060428 am-21868255.jpg


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