About Me

A dedicated surgeon who loves running. An asthmatic and a slow runner. A dedicated father with three children. Love to share my running and other workout experience plus some of my journey of being as a surgeon. Merely in Bahasa Malaysia.

Last April 2012, I was overweight. My BMI ~ 28 (85kg in 175cm height). During that time i had awful migraine and my health condition nearly sink me down. I also have a strong family history of hypertension, ishcaemic heart disease and stroke (my father died due to myocardial infarction). Then I decided to have a change in my sedentary lifestyle. Slowly, I did some research about fitness and health (well I admitted it, eventhough I am a Doctor, but I have lack of knowledge of healthy living style).

When I was a kid, I used to being laughed by my friend as I was too slow to run. I was never an athlete when I was a kid. My friend seldomly picked me up for playing soccer as my poor condition

When I did my first month of my running, my pace was really bad as i never had any experience before. Nowadays, thanks to God (alhamdulillah) that I able to achieve half marathon once (more to come, I promise if God’s willing to or InshaaAllah). 10km nowadays is my closed friend… in future time I hope I would be able to run full marathon in an any official event. Wish me luck !!!

From #runningdoctor to #runningsurgeon


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